The Reservation Crime Watch Patrol now has 32 active members. Several members patrol the Reservation area on their bikes. Reservation CWP Coordinator Tom Calvert said, “This serves a dual purpose – the member gets their exercise while on the lookout for criminal activity.” The CWP members on bike patrol have a CWP sign on their bike. Also, a few members walk while on patrol.

The current volunteers of the Reservation CWP include: MaryAasterud, Sam Barlow, Buff Buffington, Carole Buffington, Tom Calvert, Bob Davis, Darrell Day, Dennis Guten, Ruth Guten, Mark Hancock, Sherri Hancock, Gil Hineman, Scott Hunt, Bart Kink, Patti King, Betty Monaghan, Don Robins, Ladd Rowan, Hal Schroeder, Cheri Scott, Victor Scott, Mary Scott, Zes Scott, David Smith, Jerry Smith, Joe Stadelman, Kim Stadelman, Diana Stein, Barbara Stiles, Margaret Thompson, Ross Walter and Mike Zolton.

We can always use more volunteers (minimum of one hour per month) if you’re interested in contributing to the safety and security of our great neighborhood! For more information and a link to an on-line application, go to Or contact Tom Calvert at 972-235-6054, or email Reservation HOA President Richard Morrow at

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