January 2013 Yard of the Month

The home of Rob & Carol Hewitt at at 1231 Glen Cove is recognized as the January, 2013 Yard of the Month. The Hewitts provided the following:

We are pleased to receive the recognition of Yard of the Month for January. We moved with our two daughters into our home in August 1978 and were the youngest family on the block and used the front yard for softball practice, hide and seek, and bike riding with the neighbors. At the time our lot had five mimosa trees and two large silver poplars. Those trees were quickly replaced with live oaks and red oaks and more recently with dogwoods and a Japanese maple. Our original boxwood hedge and large holly bushes on either side of the front walk were replaced with azaleas and Indian hawthorn. We constantly battle the hot summers and are still trying to find the ideal plant for summer color with our difficult combination of sun and shade. The front porch seems to be the perfect place year round for pots of foxtail ferns and English ivy, and we add impatiens and caladiums to the pots for the summer. No longer the youngest family on the block, we enjoy watching new families move into the neighborhood and know that they too are proud to say they live in the Reservation.

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