Big Band Block Party had Neighbors Dancing

I love our neighborhood, and events like these just make it better.

Some 75 neighbors came out for the first annual Reservation Big Band Block Party in Mimosa Park. Couples were dancing on the sidewalk… neighbors were chatting… music lovers were enjoying the evening in their lawn chairs… and children were playing on the playground as the sun set on a lovely evening.

Neighbors brought their own picnic dinners and then listened to the Brass Quintet of the Richardson Symphony play Benny Goodman and old Beatles tunes in an event sponsored by the Reservation Homeowners Association.

“It was a great night for the kids to get to run around the park in the dark, and reminded me of growing up and being able to have such freedom,” said Kathy Zolton. “It was nice to have an easily accessible and nicely priced evening and meet some fabulous neighbors. I love our neighborhood, and events like these just make it better.” Added Ed and Carol Blamire, “We had a great time at the Block Party last night. Thanks to all the people who worked on getting this set up!”

The band was introduced by George Landis, Executive Director of the Richardson Symphony and a resident of The Reservation. The Richardson Symphony Brass quintet that played in Mimosa Park has been performing together as a group for over five years, and the group regularly programs a wide variety of repertoire from classical and light classical works, to Broadway and film tunes to jazz and Dixieland.

The Reservation has been described as “like a small town,” and the neighborhood-wide Block Party was an opportunity for people to get better acquainted with our neighbors. “Food, fellowship and music in Mimosa Park – this event had it all,” said HOA President Darrell Day. “We were happy with the attendance, and people seemed to really enjoy the Block Party.”

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