Thank you to the residents who took the time to complete the last survey by the Reservation HOA Board. We had a very strong response to the on-line survey…198 respondents.

Based on these findings, the HOA Board has held a series of meetings with City of Richardson staff to determine which of the survey ideas were legal and financial viable, and began to devise solutions for some of the most pressing concerns. The most compelling finding of the survey was a tremendous majority of respondents – 90% – believed it to be “important,” “very important” or “extremely important” to beautify our neighborhood. That number gives us very strong impetus to ramp up the beautification effort.

One interesting finding was that many Reservation residents want our neighborhood to be better lit, and the Board has begun to formulate some ideas to address that issue.

Very strong response was displayed for entryway signage and improvement or replacement of Coit and Arapaho walls. The strongest response was to the neighborhood eyesore – the Coit wall viewed by 53,000 motorists every day. Nearly 60% of respondents thought it was a “good” or “excellent” idea to replace the brick wall along Coit Road. As one respondent explained, “The Arapaho and Coit brick walls are so outdated and just an eyesore and need to be replaced.” Another respondent said the Coit structure “looks like a prison wall.” In response to this issue, the Reservation Board has been working with a Texas registered Landscape Architect who lives in the Reservation to develop design ideas to improve entryways and the look of the Coit and Arapaho walls.

To completely understand the feelings of Reservation residents, the Board is preparing a second survey to help us prioritize the issues that you want to address. Based on your ideas and concerns voiced in the recent on-line survey, the Reservation HOA has begun work prioritizing and studying the issues that were raised. There is a lot of work that still needs to be done, but here are a few issues raised by residents that have been addressed so far:

• Mimosa Park and adjoining creek were cleaned during April 3 “Trash Bash”.

• An idea for planting perennials around Mohawk Elementary has been forwarded to the Mohawk PTA.

• HOA Board has had meetings with City officials on safety issue at the Glen Cove/Arapaho intersection. Bushes obstructing the sight lines have been cut back, but the problem remains and City officials are further studying the issue.

• “Active Crime Watch Patrol” signs have been erected.

• A Texas registered Landscape Architect has begun working on entryway design elements for the Reservation.

• HOA Board has met with City officials on Arapaho Road design elements and plants.

• HOA Board has talked with City officials about Mimosa Drive crosswalk proposal, and awaiting definitive response.

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