Mohawk Elementary had the strongest voter turnout of any polling place in Richardson for the Nov. 2 election, as 1,362 voters turned out to vote in Precinct 1703. The neighborhood voted overwhelming Republican, with 668 voting straight GOP, compared to 200 voting straight Democratic. The neighborhood voted overwhelming for a Reservation resident running for County Judge, as Dan Montalvo carried Precinct 1703 by a whopping 660 votes. But on a night that Republicans did well nationwide, the GOP fared poorly in
Dallas County races as Montalvo lost to Democratic candidate Julia Hayes in the race for Dallas County Criminal Court, No. 2.

In the previous election – for the City of Richardson bond proposal last Spring – Mohawk also was the top voting precinct in the City, with 120 more voters than any other polling place in the city casting their ballots.

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