Group plans community garden at Mohawk

A group of parents wants to plant a community garden on the campus of Mohawk Elementary School. The mission of the Mohawk Elementary Gardens is to educate, enrich, and inspire the lives of our students.

The group feels that it is supremely important to learn from and experience the outdoors. Through direct, hands-on work, the gardens will provide an experiential education that helps children increase their understanding of science and their connection to nature. By tending crops and sharing in the basic responsibilities of the garden, students learn about our world’s intricate ecosystems and observe science in action. Students also learn how vegetables are grown and experience the joy of overcoming the day-to-day difficulties in producing food.

The garden will also provide opportunities for the extended community at large to support the children through shared contributions in service and financial support.

Donations can be made to the school and would be greatly appreciated to help purchase a rain-harvesting system, seeds, soil, shovels, and other garden supplies.

For more information, email or vist the group’s Facebook page.

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