September Yard of the Month

Each month, the Reservation Homeowners Association recognizes homes in our neighborhood that have excellent ‘curb appeal’ based on architectural upgrades to the house and/or landscaping. The home of Sheri and Hunter Betts at 1317 Comanche Drive, is recognized as the August, 2013 Yard of the Month. Sheri provided the following:

“It has been my goal to win yard of the month since we moved here, I’m thrilled. But I thought our yard was just too different and I never felt it was finished. Eleven years ago we put in decomposed granite pathways to help the water flow away from the house. From there we started replacing grass with low maintenance, drought resistant plants. The ultimate goal was to make a park like setting with a variety of color and texture. This year we put in a backyard pool. We hired a landscaper, Julie Simons, to fill the remaining backyard grounds with even more color and remove all the grass. Then, she finished out the front yard too; which she did beautifully with stones, larger pathways, lighting and more color. Again, Thank You.”


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