Annual Meeting Held

The Annual Meeting of the Reservation Homeowner Association was held Sunday, November 17 at Mohawk Elementary.

Featured speakers were Mayor Laura Maczka, City Manager Dan Johnson, and Mohawk Principal Jennifer Wilson. A large audience was updated on City plans and Mohawk classroom expansion.

Richard Morrow, President, reported that the organization is in good shape. Sol Stein, Treasurer, said our bank account balance is now $16,000. Bylaw revisions were presented by Bill McCalpin and all revisions were approved by unanimous vote. Tom Calvert, Crime Watch Patrol, reported crime remains low but isn’t zero. Tom encouraged all citizens to remove the opportunity for crime by keeping garage doors down and cars locked.

The Holiday in the Park will occur December 19, with sign-ups to be announced soon.

Officers elected for next year were Duff Bourassa, President; Tony Pampillonia, Vice-President; Sol Stein, Treasurer; and Lindsay Carlson, Secretary.

Richard Morrow then commented on the name Reservation suggesting that it might not be possible to use the name on any City-owned property, including screening walls or entry features, due to potential treat of lawsuits. The threat might be enough to discourage the City from approving any proposal for walls with that name. A short discussion followed with the audience in agreement that the current walls are ‘ugly’ and needed to be replaced. The issue of name can be worked out later. It is unlikely any new construction on walls will be done until after the next bond election, which hasn’t been approved or scheduled.

With the adoption of the Bylaw revision, the organization now is the Reservation Neighborhood Association. The website, newsletter banner, and other signage will be changed in the coming months.

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