December Yard of the Month

Each month, the Reservation Homeowners Association recognizes homes in our neighborhood that have excellent ‘curb appeal’ based on architectural upgrades to the house and/or landscaping. The home of Charlotte and Skip Sullivan at 1304 Navaho, is recognized as the December, 2013 Yard of the Month. They provided the following:

We have lived on Navaho since 1969. We love this area and have so many memories in this home and with our friends in the neighborhood. Our three children started at Mohawk and graduated from Pearce. We loved being able to look out our den window and watch the kids walk up the front sidewalk to Mohawk each morning before the houses were built on Melrose. We can’t imagine living anywhere else! An added benefit is having our children in the immediate area and getting to be an active part of their lives and enjoying our grandchildren’s activities each day!

This summer we were prompted to make some changes to the front of our house. Our fifty-year-old bushes were looking tired and we were getting tired of hand-watering our yard each week. Our children convinced us that we also needed to up-date our front porch because of a high step that was becoming difficult for us. Thanks to the hard work of Forrest Blaney and his crew at Blaney Stonework and Landscape for the beautiful improvements they made to our house. After the new plants were in, we installed a sprinkler system. We are looking forward to putting our old hoses away and enjoying the benefits of this automatic system.

We are thrilled to receive the December Yard of the Month Award.

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