COR Trash Bash – April 26

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Trash Bash at Richardson City Hall

On Saturday, April 26th, from 9 to 1, the Richardson Health Department is sponsoring the 20th anniversary of “Trash Bash”. What does this mean to you?

It means that instead throwing away books and magazines and CDs/DVDs and computers and cell phones and clothing and heaps of your personal papers into the landfill as a result of your Spring cleaning, you can recycle all this material responsibly.

In the beginning, Trash Bash was a City Health Department sponsored day for neighborhood associations, scout groups, civic organizations, and individuals to clean their streets, parks, and public areas, and deliver the trash and recyclables to containers at City Hall. Over time, Trash Bash added other groups in the recycling arena.

Now these groups:
– collect books, magazines, CDs, DVDs (by the Friends of the Library)
– recycle electronics (by the Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association – see for the list of acceptable items)
– shred your private documents
– recycle your plastic grocery bags  (NOTE: these can now also be done in your blue bags one a week)
– accept donations of clothing (clothing should be gently used and washed; clothing, coats, accessories, no undergarments; place in plastic bags/sacks; no trash bags please) (This is for the Network of Community Ministries)
– get Free Texas Pure Compost (up to 2.5 cubic feet per resident or five 1 gallon containers)

The event takes place in and around Richardson City Hall (at 411 W. Arapaho). See for a map of which group is doing what where at City Hall. When you get there, there will be signs directing you to the correct place.

See for complete information.

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