Proposed Antennas. At JJP meeting – April 8

News Release from Verizon via JJPHOA


Verizon Wireless provides mobile telephone service to the Richardson community. Verizon Wireless has to improve its facilities to provide improved 4G service to the J.J. Pearce area. More antennas are needed to serve the area. The antennas must be approximately Eighty-five feet in the air to properly function and get signals into homes. Verizon Wireless proposes to locate antennas on a light standard at the football field at J.J. Pearce High School. Verizon Wireless would lease property from the School District. The City of Richardson zoning regulations provide that this must be approved through a zoning amendment that goes before the Planning and Zoning Commission and before the City Council. The J.J. Pearce Neighborhood Homeowners Association will be holding a special community meeting at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, April 8 at Mohawk School in the cafeteria. Representatives from Verizon Wireless and from the Richardson Independent School District will be in attendance to present the plan for the antennas and to answer questions. The board of the J.J. Pearce Neighborhood Homeowners Association invites you to this meeting to get all your questions answered.

The RISD really wants your opinion, so please come to the meeting in Mohawk Elementary cafeteria on Tuesday April 8 at 7:00 pm and let your voice be heard.

Reservation Neighborhood Association members we are double checking to see our role at this meeting!

History of JJ Pearce Cell Phone Tower
By Joe Russum

About ten years ago another company wanted to place a cell tower and equipment on the JJ Pearce High School campus. Similar to this time Richardson ISD requested the company review the propositionon with the neighborhood. I and some of you were at that meeting. At that time cell phone reception in our area was poor. The tower installation made a great improvement in cell phone operation. My AT&T cell phone still works just fine. I do not know what kind of reception other company cell phones have in this area and I do not know if current equipment will support future improvements in the technology. I believe Verizon when they say they need to spend money on additional equipment to provide good service to this area. The question we have been asked is, do we want it on the JJ Pearce campus, and what it should look like.

With the information presented at the previous meeting, that group preferred a stealth cell phone tower. That is what is operating at JJ Pearce at this time. If you did not realize there was a cell phone tower there, it is the white pole directly to the east and a few feet from the Natatorium. The support equipment required by the cell phone operation is behind a brick wall around the tower. See the pictures to the right and below. If you have never seen the support equipment, it would be worth your time to go over there and have a look. There is a barred gate on the brick wall that allows you to see the equipment.


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