2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

The Reservation Neighborhood Association held its annual meeting on Sunday, December 6, 2015 at 4 pm.  The meeting was conducted at Mohawk Elementary School.  President Duff Bourassa called the meeting to order and then introduced our speaker, Assistant City Manager, Don Manger.  Assisting Mr. Manger was City Councilman, Steve Mitchell.  The update presentation included an overview of new restaurants and the food park.  Restaurant Row is located at Spring Valley and Central Expressway.   CityLine will have several new restaurant completed by 2016 including Jaspers.  The new food park is on Bishop Street.


An in depth report on street, alley and water pipe replacement was included.  Many repairs are for the replacement of pipes under the streets.  As a Citizen Patrol Officer, Tom Calvert reported the alley behind the homes on La Mesa to be in need of repair.   Both speakers addressed the priorities for making repairs.  Coit Road is scheduled to be resurfaced to Campbell Road in the fairly near future.


President Bourassa took concerns from the attendees.  Among those were checks for dues not being cashed; meeting notices; and information channels for the Reservation.


As of December, the Reservation Neighborhood Association has 420 paid household members and $21,000 in the bank account.


A slate of officers for the coming year was presented and accepted by vote:


President LaRuth Morrow

Vice President Jay Jolly

Secretary Pam Karnavas

Treasurer Sol Stein

Membership Duff Bourassa

Website/Communications (Kelly Keller)


Respectively submitted,

LaRuth Morrow

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